Decolonising Education
Caribbean Labour Solidarity joins the campaign to Decolonise the Curriculum

Caribbean Labour Solidarity (CLS) has joined the ongoing campaign to Decolonise the Curriculum of the United Kingdom’s constituent nations. Here we state what this means, what we will do and the help and assistance we need.

Caribbean Labour Solidarity, founded in 1974, is a UK based organisation that works to unite all those who support equality, democracy, justice and social progress in the Caribbean and elsewhere. We support all who recognise that the struggle against racism, fascism, imperialism and neo-colonialism in the Caribbean and elsewhere requires the building of strong international links between the working people there and their sisters and brothers globally.

In so doing we recognise that the British Empire has bestowed a bitter legacy on sections of the working classes in the UK and the former colonies. We seek to maintain and expand solidarity with Black workers and their allies in the Caribbean as well as being part of the anti-racist struggle in Britain. For further information please see

We believe that the current curriculum in the UK’s education system, and the knowledge vested in other bodies, is extremely inadequate, with glaring gaps in the knowledge imparted to others. This is harmful to all in the United Kingdom and harms the social fabric of the society. Correcting these will benefit all and will improve community relations and contribute positively to other areas. CLS will join with other organisations campaigning to change the curriculum by providing support to individuals and organisations including; the supply of information and other resources. The dedicated website can be found at

Historical time-line created by CLS

One of our primary tasks will be to expand our website to provide information, and other knowledge resources, which shall be open to all. Within that, we intend to
begin with an organic historical time-line that fills in missing parts of British history. This can be added to by our contributors whose help, assistance and advice we will need.

So, we are appealing to your and/or your organisation to help us in this task. If you or any organisation you are involved in, such as teachers, lecturers, historians, social scientists and others are able to help please ask them to contact us. Their assistance will be most welcome. We can be contacted at


It is true that there is strength in numbers. So, please affiliate to CLS to support the work necessary to decolonise the curriculum. If you wish to be or are involved in decolonising education

Yours in solidarity
Luke Daniels – President
Cauline Brathwaite – General Secretary

24th August 2021